Helping Catholics To Pray Thy Kingdom Come

Welcome to the hub for Catholic Resources that help people to pray for evangelisation from the Ascension to Pentecost as part of Thy Kingdom Come. On this page you will find downloadable resources that you can use electronically and links to where you can order printed copies of these resources. Many of the printed resources are free if ordered in bulk. This means that you would only pay for postage and packing for these resources.  This offer is available whilst stocks last, so please do not delay, if you want to equip your community, friends or family with user friendly prayer books for this special time of grace.

Inspiring Prayers

The resources in this section have been created to inspire and enable Catholics to pray for five people to come closer to Christ, to encounter Him and choose to respond to His call. Whether you are someone with a set pattern of prayer or would like to pray more than you do, there is something here for you.

Prayer Intention Card

Prayer Intention Card

Sharing our faith can be daunting but praying for the Holy Spirit to spark the gift of faith in those we know, and love, can help them in ways beyond our control. This prayer intention card follow provide a short bible passage and prayer intention for each day that can be incorporated in our daily prayer or Mass intention as we journey from the Ascension to Pentecost this year. You can download the Prayer Intention Card at the bottom of this page.

Pray for 5 Business Card

Pray for 5 Card

A few years ago research was done with non-Christians on their attitudes toward ‘Talking Jesus’ and it was discovered that one in five are open to a conversation about Jesus. It is with this in mind that we encourage prayer for five people you know. For those who need a little reminder these pray for 5 business card help us to keep the people we are praying for in the forefront of our minds. They also fit neatly into your bible or prayer book. You can order the Pray for 5 card here.

Pentecost Novena

Pentecost Novena

The Pentecost novena is the first and founding novena, through which all other novenas have been inspired. Once the disciples had received the Great Commission, to ‘Go make disciples…’ (Matthew 28:19) the only thing we know they did was to pray, until Pentecost. This novena is a short and powerful prayer that can be prayed individually or as a group. You can download the Pentecost Novena at the bottom of this page, and find an audio version here.

Journey With Mary

Journey With Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary has so much to teach us about being open to the Holy Spirit. She can accompany us as she accompanied the disciples during this time of prayer. Journey with Mary was created specifically for Thy Kingdom Come and is an adaptable format for prayer that can suit someone who is new to praying with Mary or someone who calls on her daily. You can download the resource at the bottom of this page, or find an audio version here.

Liturgy of Hours

Morning, Evening & Night Prayer

One of the most ancient and frequently used forms of prayer, is the Liturgy of Hours. It is also known as the Prayer of the Church. Every priest and many religious commits to praying these prayers daily. The prayer booklets for Morning, Evening and Night Prayer have been created for people who would like to join in this prayer during Thy Kingdom Come. They have been designed for people unfamiliar with this type of prayer and could be used in a parish or community setting. You can download the Morning, Evening and Night Prayer at the bottom of this page.


Reaching Those We Have Prayed For

In these times we are acutely aware of those who are part of our community but have drifted or just stayed away. With this in mind, the resources below have been created to be given to those for whom we pray Thy Kingdom Come.

Fathers Love Prayer Journal

All of us could do with knowing we are loved and cherished by God Our Father, perhaps that is why Jesus taught us to call God ‘Abba’ (Matthew 6:9) when he taught us the Our Father. These beautiful prayer journals are a perfect gift from someone who has been praying for a friend or loved one who could invite them to try praying.

Cheeky Pandas Family Catechesis

Recent research shows that many families with young children have not returned to Church. This provides parishes with the opportunity to reach out to families living in their parish online. The Cheeky Pandas TV series of 11 programmes are great fun for children to watch and we have created online family catechesis sessions to help parishes bring their families together online. You can find out more and download the resources here. There are a few key Cheeky Pandas resources that you may want to use including;


Parish Packs

To help parishes get off the ground with Thy Kingdom Come there are free bundles of resources available*. The parish bundles include:

  • Prayer intention cards
  • Pray for 5 cards
  • Pentecost Novena Booklets
  • A choice of Morning/Evening/Night Prayer
  • Fathers Love Prayer Journal

You can find and order the bundle that most suits your parish here.

* The only payment is for postage and packing which is typically between £8-£12.



Journey with Mary Podcast

Listen to the Journey With Mary Podcast

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