This interactive escape room allows you to explore all of TK's apps, from SnapCat to FurBook, KitKat to eTail, facing challenges along the way to find all the QR codes to allow bells to ring at Catterbury Cathedral!

This free resource will work online on a teleconferencing app like Zoom but can also be used in group settings face-to-face or in small groups.

Download the leaders' instructions and print them out or view them on a different screen. 

Download the PowerPoint for the puzzles and to show to those taking part.

We also have some graphics below, that are available for you to download, edit and use to promote your escape room event! Here is an example of an edited Instagram square;

Example Square



If you manage to escape, we'd love to know your time! Email your team name, location and time to [email protected].

Team Name Location Time
Purrfect Pussycats Christ Church, Winchester 30:12
Not A Cat-astrophe Comberton Baptist Church Youth, Comberton, Cambridgeshire 34:40
Castle of the Hills Christ Church, Winchester 38:13
BobCats of St Andrews Farnham 42:58
CC Youth Detectives CC Youth Group, Christ Church, Epsom Common 43:00
The Paw-purfects The Mosely Benefice Birmingham 50:12
Toy Story Holy Trinity Sittingbourne, Kent 53:00
PURRiliant Southwell Super Six Southwell Methodist Church, Southwell, Notts 55:56