The workplace as the forgotten mission field 

The average person spends ninety thousand hours at work during their lifetime, a huge opportunity for us as Christians to share our faith with colleagues who would not contemplate going to a church. The workplace has been termed ‘the forgotten mission field.’ It is right there on our doorsteps, not in some far away land. There is so much opportunity for Christians to be good news, to be a blessing to our workplaces as missional disciples. 

Jesus calls us as Christians to be salt and light, and in our experience, the most powerful way to express faith at work is through coming together with other Christians. We at Transform Work are experienced in helping groups to gain formal approval to meet, to become recognised by HR and Leadership, which opens doors within the organisation.

So, what is Transform Work?

Transform Work is a charity that supports Christians in the workplace to enable them to live out their faith everyday as missional disciples. We are an interdenominational organisation, encouraging all Christians to witness together at work. We connect, equip and support Christians to transform the places they work by coming together in Christian Workplace Groups, which pray together, learn together, share together and influence the organisational culture. 

We also support and connect Christian Professional and Sector Groups who represent a host of professions such as Finance, Transport, Care workers, Firefighters, IT and Government. We are based in the UK, but work internationally, linking up with similar movements including the US Faith and Work movement and Corporate Christ in India. Over the past 20 years we have helped develop over 750 groups, and currently support over 50 professional sector groups.


How does Transform Work partner with Thy Kingdom Come?

Over the past five years we have partnered together with Thy Kingdom Come to develop a range of workplace prayer resources.

  • We started by providing guidance for those who have never prayed with others together in the workplace,

  • and then developed a workplace prayer journal with Bible readings and reflections for each of the daily themes for Thy Kingdom Come.

  • During Covid lockdowns, we shared testimonies of the impacts that Christian Workplace Groups can have in supporting colleagues.

  • In 2022, we introduced daily lunchtime prayer calls for different professional sectors which have proved popular.

  • Last year we extended this with pre-recorded videos and online lunchtime sector-led prayer meetings for specific sectors including Health, IT, Finance and Government.

What about this year?

We have a range of resources available to help you take part in Thy Kingdom Come in the Workplace 2024:

  • A workplace prayer journal, with reflections and Bible readings for each of the daily Thy Kingdom Come theme.

  • How to get leadership approval to meet in large organisations.

  • How to publicise your prayer meetings.

  • Suggestions of what you could pray for in your organisation.

  • Lunchtime prayer times for professional sectors.

Here is the link


...and finally...

Jesus calls us to follow him in every aspect of our lives. This means that each of us is his ambassador in your workplace.

So, in whatever way you decide to take part this year, we would love to get to know you and support you in your journey. Please contact us at [email protected], let us know how it goes and what we can do to help.