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Sammy Jordan, Director of Hope for Every Home at Hope Together is excited because praying ‘Thy Kingdom come’ can change the world, one community at a time.

I don’t know about you but I hate being asked questions like, ‘If you could have anyone round for dinner who would you invite?’ Or ‘If you could solve one global problem which would you choose?’ I really struggle to choose. What if I don’t get it right? Let’s face it, there are so many things to choose from, especially at the moment!

The thing is we really can change the world. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is an invitation to change the world through prayer. No superpowers, influential role, qualifications, or money needed; because when we pray, we’re inviting the creator of the whole world, the Almighty into a situation. When we pray ‘Thy Kingdom come’ we’re asking God to bring heaven to earth, for Kingdom transformation and for earth to be like heaven. Isn’t that an awesome prayer?

I wonder where you’d like to see Kingdom transformation. The conflict in Ukraine, refugees in small boats, the cost-of-living crisis and Covid might be things that immediately spring to mind; but how about more personally? I live on a new estate where, (shorthand) I’m a community evangelist as part of a church plant. It means I’m intentional about loving my neighbour and happen to be their neighbour who loves Jesus too. When I pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ in my community, I’m praying for my alcoholic neighbour whose son is scared when he goes to sleep in the evening. I’m praying for my disabled neighbour who is cross with the world because of everything they’ve had to go through. I’m praying for my neighbour who has escaped an abusive relationship, for my neighbour who is struggling to make ends meet, for my neighbour whose new sofa ends up in the bin store every six weeks annoying my other neighbours who then can’t fit their rubbish in; and for the teenagers who drive around on motorbikes and smoke weed on the local play park at night because they have nothing else meaningful to do; and countless other things. I often feel stuck, unable to help people and praying ‘Thy Kingdom come’ inviting God into the situation unsticks me!

The thing is, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ isn’t just 11 days in May. ‘Thy Kingdom come’ is an invitation to start and not to stop. For 11 days to become a lifestyle that can impact whole communities for the Kingdom. We have a God who is far bigger than anything we can imagine so let’s go big or go home. Are you in?

For ‘Thy Kingdom come’ to change the world we all need to join in. That’s why Thy Kingdom Come, Local Houses of Prayer, Hope Together and Hope for Every Home are working together to produce a selection of  prayer resources for, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ so that prayer becomes an invitation into action and mission.

Did you know that according to the Talking Jesus Research 53% of non-Christians know a Christian (someone who goes to church at least once a month, prays and reads the Bible)? It might surprise you to know that these 53% like us and want to know what we believe. When we share our faith, 1 in 3 non-Christians want to know more. They don’t want theology just a conversation. When we talk to non-Christians 66% remember when we share our experience of faith and ask them about theirs.

Let’s pray for five friends and neighbours, every street, every home and let’s see God establish for his Kingdom Local Houses of Prayer in every community.

Let’s change the world through prayer and see what opportunities might arise for us to shar our faith with others this ‘Thy Kingdom come.’ Amen.


To see the range of resources based on the Lord’s Prayer - including Pray for five pledge cards, Pray for communities card & seed stick prayers visit the Thy Kingdom Come page at CPO




Sammy has had to us short hand to describe her neighbours whilst protecting their identity. We do not want to offend anyone who lives on an estate or reduce people to stereotypes.