I am Christoph Schonborn, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Vienna, Cardinal.

I greet you cordially.

Heavenly father, I praise you, for this day, for the life you have given me.

I praise you, for my body which is beginning to age, but still I enjoy life.

Father, I praise you that you have inspired me from my early youth to love you and to search you: it's such a gift!

Heavenly father, I thank you and I praise you for Jesus who is the light of my life, and the deepest friendship.

Heavenly father, I praise you for the gift of pardon because without your pardon, I would be discouraged.

Thank you, heavenly father, for this day. I praise you father.

Dear friends, I recommend you to praise the Lord; just everyday try to have a moment of praise, it changes the day.

Give Him a smile.