Morning, Evening, Day and Night Prayer from Ascension to Pentecost

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During Thy Kingdom Come, you are invited to discover new habits and ways of praying to God, that those whom you know might come to know Jesus.

From the earliest days of the Church, people have gathered together to praise God and to pray for salvation through his Son. The services in this booklet form part of what is sometimes known as the ‘Daily Office’, a form of worship and prayer which can be used by individuals or in groups as a structure for praise and petition. It is drawn from Common Worship, one of the worship resources of the Church of England.

Whether you are new to ‘structured’ prayer or an old hand, you are invited to try praying with us for the period between Ascension and Pentecost. We hope you may find in it a spiritual rhythm which will nourish your heart and keep prayer on your lips, enabling you to become part of a global wave of prayer. That rhythm might take the form of saying both Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. Or you might start with just Prayer During the Day – suitable for any time of day – followed, perhaps, by Night Prayer.

How to use this booklet

You can read what follows out loud, or to yourself. You can pray by yourself or in a group. When in a group, everyone can say the words in bold type. You can choose to say or sing the psalms and songs together or to choose someone to speak and others to listen. A diamond ♦ marks the mid-point in each psalm verse, at which point some people follow the custom of taking a pause. One psalm is included in each order of service, and a pattern of psalms for use at Morning and Evening Prayer can be found on page 38. Similarly, one short Bible reading is included within each service. Further short readings are included on pages 40 to 44, or you might want to follow the table of readings on page 39. In the Prayers, you can pray out loud or silently whether by yourself or in a group. You can pray in your own words – perhaps following the daily themes on page 45 – or use the ones suggested on page 46.


Morning Prayer

from the day after Ascension Day until the Day of Pentecost

Evening Prayer

from the day after Ascension Day until the Day of Pentecost

Prayer During the Day

from Ascension Day until the Day of Pentecost

Night Prayer

from Ascension Day until the Day of Pentecost

Psalms, readings and prayers

for Thy Kingdom Come

  • Table of Lectionary psalms 38
  • Table of Lectionary readings 39
  • Short readings from Prayer During the Day 40
  • Short readings on the theme of Mission and Evangelism 43
  • Praying for your 5 during Thy Kingdom Come 45
  • A form of intercession 46
  • Authorization and acknowledgements 47

The Lord's Prayer

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Common Worship Daily Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come