Hello I am Roger Walton.

I am the president of the British Methodist Conference.

I discovered the love of God when 8 was 16 years old.

I am now quite a lot older but the love of God still thrills me, it still inspires me and it still helps me live everyday.

Today's prayer is a prayer about adoration and here it is.

Glorious God, the universe that you have created fills us with awe, billions of strata across light years of space endless varieties of life teeming in our planet, atomic particles that are unpredictable yet you're holding together the fabric of the cosmos, all these point towards your creativity and love.

But the scriptures tells us more that human beings carry your image and likeness that you love us with all our faults and failings and you send down your son for us.

We are caught up in wonder, lost in praise, speechless in adoration.

Help us to share this wonder with those around us.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

It's a wonderful and a dangerous thing to pray.

You can be surprised by what happens so please continue to pray for your friends, for your neighbors, for your work colleagues that they too will discover the wonderful love of God that's been shown to us in Jesus.