Thy Kingdom Come 2021 Initial Update

TKC 2021

From L-R this includes:  Little boy enjoying cheeky pandas episode at home,  prayer walking and prayer stations in Derby, TKC prayer service in Bangladesh,  zoom prayer meeting in Argentina with Bishop Nick,  two girls enjoying CP Pentecost praise service at home,  Ascension Day singing followed by prayer-o-planes from the top of Grimsby Minister, Bow Down event in the UK, Barefoot beach prayers and TKC website in Finnish language.


“Wow, the story of Stewart Betts praying for his family inspired me to realise my prayers could impact the future generations of my family.”

“2 of the 5 people I prayed for asked about prayer and took some of the resources to read”


Across the UK and the world - People were involved in Thy Kingdom Come 2021 in various ways  from continuous prayer to prayer walking / pilgrimage labyrinths to prayer stations, prayer on the streets to singing and praying outdoors.

Big national examples include the Digital Bow Down by UK Vineyard Churches which galvanised thousands of Christians in the UK and abroad in a singular moment of prayer. Also inspired citywide versions such as in Winchester.


“Having worked in schools as a teacher of the deaf, Cheeky Pandas resources might be the only Christian resource interpreted into BSL for deaf children!!  But, also really useful for families with a deaf parent.”


“I live in Indonesia, where my wife and I serve on the leadership team of the Salvation Army.  Life is very busy but I really enjoyed heading out with my scooter and finding a quiet spot to enjoy the daily #ThyKingdomCome devotionals”


A range of traditional and creative approaches were undertaken by churches and dioceses including Ascension-tide singing  on top of Grimsby Minister, Say One for Me- Romsey Abbey, Night Prayers from various Catholic Communities, Rocket Prayers & Hot chocolate in St Albans, Creative Art installations such as in Southwark Diocese, outdoor worship, citywide prayer walking (such as in Derby) and litter picking, families praying together, children getting creative through worship or being reflective.

Thy Kingdom Come has united Christians in prayer across the world including Jamaica, Switzerland, Canada, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Burundi, Bangladesh, India and Norway to name a few. Ranging from online prayer meetings, to in-person prayers events to translating prayer resources in-country such as Maori (NZ), Japanese, Finnish and Tamil &Sinhala (Sri Lanka).


"We're the sort of moderate Catholic #CofE parish that isn't always quite sure how to go about evangelism and mission. #ThyKingdomCome2021 presents a great opportunity.”


We have had phenomenal feedback on the App including this endorsement from the Bishop of Colchester.  Our video resources, featuring a diverse range of voices,  continue to reflect our commitment to representing the church in all its fullness – from age, race, gender to differing denominations and traditions which have been viewed extensively. We have also received incredibly positive feedback our accessible resources including BSL versions of all videos, Braille version of the Prayer Journal by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell, Widget versions of the children’s resources and large print and audio of other key resources.

Thy Kingdom Comes continues to be supported by senior UK Church leaders including the presidents of Churches Together in England and leaders from the Church of Scotland, Church in Wales and Church of Ireland.


“Thank you, and the whole TKC team, for your support in making TKC such a wonderful and truly inspirational again. It has been a real blessing. Most activity was via Tulkoon sinun valtakuntasi | Facebook and included pre-recorded videos, personal testimonies, daily prayers and daily posts of Novena. Contributions, mainly to Facebook, came from various churches in Finland (including Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist etc), Christian organisations and, the Finnish Ecumenical Council.” A Church in Finland