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A thought-provoking new film, developed by an adoptive father and aimed at enabling Christians to deepen their understanding of the Lord’s Prayer, is being released today. 
Created by Dr Krish Kandiah in partnership with Thy Kingdom Come, the film suggests that when we pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, and pray for our family, friends and neighbours to come to know Jesus Christ, we're offering up our broken world for God to fix. And as we pray, we’re learning to trust a Father who has adopted us and embarking on an adoption adventure that can change the world.
As an adoptive father and the Founding Director of the Christian fostering and adoption charity, Home for Good, Dr Kandiah says he created the film to help Christians understand the full meaning of their own adoption into God’s family, and to encourage us all to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus Christ. 

“While conducting research for my upcoming book on discipleship, it struck me that our adoption into God’s family changes the way we look at the Lord’s prayer...
...As both an adoptive dad and the founder of the charity ‘Home for Good’ it has been a pleasure to work with Thy Kingdom Come to produce a video that seeks to inspire Christians to find new depths in the prayer Jesus taught us to pray...
...We are so familiar with this precious prayer that we can sometimes find ourselves failing to connect with its radical meaning. I hope this short film will help Christians all around the world to rethink the Lord’s Prayer and even their relationship to God as their Father.”
~Dr Krish Kandiah is the founding director of Home for Good, a charity seeking to find a loving home for every child who needs one in the UK.