Ideas Kit

From posters and bookmarks to kits and prayer journals for families we’ve got it covered. The Thy Kingdom Come creative resource pack is full of ideas for churches and cathedrals.

You can order:
- Banners
- Special prayer-prompting mugs!
- Leaflets and creative guides to hand out to your congregation
- Our booklets which include –

  • Model order/ outline for a service
  • Prayer during the day
  • Collects and intersessions for Public Worship
  • Texts for use at the Eucharist
  • Prayers for public and private use

Resources for families include our lovely Kingdom Kits, which include everything you need to follow the prayer guidelines like mustard seeds and smarties.

All the resources mentioned above can be downloaded (apart from the mugs!) here or ordered by the link here.

We want to make your ten days of prayer an easy and smooth experience for everyone involved so get in touch if we can help at all.