Pentecost Sunday. Not only do we say, “The Lord is Risen, Alleluia”, but the Lord has given us the Holy Spirit of God. And the Holy Spirit comes and fills our lives, He fills the world, He transforms the church, He draws us into the very presence of God in Jesus Christ.

The gift of the Spirit to the disciples on Pentecost Sunday, all those 2000 years and more ago, was just the key moment in the church not going inwards, and becoming all kind of holy huddly, but in being driven out to change the entire world.

We’ve been praying, many of you would have been praying, and I thank God for that, over the last week, 10 days, praying Thy Kingdom Come, praying for the kingdom of God to be seen in our world, the rule, the reign of God.

The transformation from darkness to light. Praying for individuals to hear that Jesus loves them, that He reached out and died for them, that He rose from the dead and offers them life and purpose and that they are called to go with Him in the rest of their life’s journey whether it be for decades or just a very short period. They are caught up in the life of Christ. We’ve been praying for that.

Let’s go on praying because the Spirit promises that He will come and fill those that we speak to about Jesus so that their hearts will be, as Wesley said, “Strangely warmed” and their lives transformed.

This is the moment of prayer into action. The disciples went out. Let’s be a church that goes out, that confronts every injustice, every evil, every moment of darkness and brings light and hope.

May God bless you in your witness to Jesus Christ. May He fill us with His Holy Spirit. May we know that we are His and we have the best news the world has ever heard. Amen.