My name is Maria Griselda Delgado del Carpio.

I am the diocesan bishop of the Episcopal Church here in Cuba.

We have worked in this ministry for about six years.

We have an intense work in the mission, the development of communities, giving the Gospel especially to the new generations: children, adolescents, and young people.

Also in favor of the church being an integral part of the society where we are, and from there to share the Gospel and our mission.

At this time that we are living in Cuba, with many challenges, we know that spirituality has grown in Christ Jesus and this makes us strive even more in the task of continuing to carry this Word of God to the society.

At this time, I would like to share with you in prayer, our petition to Christ Jesus.

The Lord be with you.

Let us pray.

God of grace and peace, for all the good things you give us, we thank you.

We also give you our gratitude, Lord, because you have given us the opportunity to work on your mission and above all to know that your Son Jesus Christ, offering himself on the cross, teaches us to offer ourselves in service, in love, in hope for others.

Lord, allow our hearts to be able to follow that path and to offer us also in that love, as Christ did for each one of us.

In His name.


I urge all, in this path of faith, to find in Christ Jesus that light, that strength, so that we can inspire with our witness to so many who need that light and in this Easter time that is approaching, we can say that Christ has risen, Christ is alive, and we can give that life to others through the power of the Gospel.

To that I exhort you.

So be it.