All these were constantly devoting themselves to prayer, together with certain women, including Mary the mother of Jesus, as well as his brothers. (Acts 1:14)

When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place… All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit… and that day about three thousand persons were added. (Acts 2:1)

24-7 prayer is not a new idea; in fact it’s as ancient as the church. 24-7 Prayer Rooms are creative spaces, hosting continual prayer for a week or more. It only takes 24 people, praying an hour a day, to create a chain of night and day prayer. See the needs, priorities, hopes and hurts of your community poured out to God. Experience how the Holy Spirit makes his presence felt in a people and place. Ignite fresh faith, unity and a passion for mission through taking on this extreme challenge to seek God together. 24-7 Prayer is still something that we can do, even through the Covid-19 lock down. Here is an outline of how it could be done.

All you need:

— A community willing to take on the challenge, this could be made up of any Christians that you know, even from around the world. One of the possibilities of doing virtual 24/7 prayer is that you can partner with Christians from all over the world. You will need a way of allowing people to sign up and tracking what slots have been filled and what slots are still available. For this we would recommend that you set up and use an online Google Sheets spreadsheet. Access to the sheet can be given to anyone via email or with the appropriate link. This can be shared via social media/email/WhatsApp. An example sheet can be seen here

Six steps to setting up your 247 Prayer:


Who do you want to pray with? Your church, youth group, students, small group, or others? It only takes 24 people, praying an hour a day each day, to fill a week with prayer. The strength of the community, and your commitment to God and each other, is even more important than the size of the group. Gather them together and get their support.

2. BOOK YOUR WEEK: Monday 24th May 2020 - Sunday 31st May 2020

We invite you to join with the Church around the world and host a 24-7 Prayer Room in the week approaching Pentecost Sunday. Give your community lots of notice so they can make room in their diaries to take part. Most groups find a week of 24-7 Prayer long enough to be a challenge but short enough to be achievable. Share the vision that this week is to strengthen the Church’s relationship with Jesus and encourage us in our witness. 


One of the great things about doing 24/7 prayer is that we can each take part from exactly where we are. Even in this time of social distancing we can come together in prayer. Knowing that you're part of a community engaged in 24/7 prayer can be such an encouragement at this time. Thanks to the technology available to us today, it can be easy to gather people and get organised into prayer. 


The aim is to engage the heart and mind of all ages and personality types in prayer. Please feel free to invite all those who you think might like to join you in praying. 


If your church has a website, social media channels or email, use them to communicate the vision, start date of the prayer room and how to get involved. Don’t be afraid to remind people to sign up for an hour of prayer.

If you have seen or heard any particularly good teaching on prayer then we would recommend sharing that with those who are joining you in prayer before starting. Aim to help people consider their own prayer lives, and encourage even the youngest or most inexperienced to try praying for an hour. Encourage a wide variety of people from your community to be champions of your prayer week — look for those in roles of leadership or those who are good at enthusing and mobilising different age or social groups.


Invite those who you think would like to to begin praying for the week of 24/7 prayer before it starts. Begin your week of prayer with an online (Zoom, Instagram/Facebook Live) service or prayer meeting, and end the week with another meeting sharing stories and worshipping together. 


Please have a look at the Thy Kingdom Come Upper Room set up by 24-7 Prayer here.


You may like to use some of the prayers that have been written specifically for use in light of the situation with Covid-19. A selection of these can be found below.

Prayers from the Methodist church for use during the pandemic can be found here.

Prayers and resources from the Baptist church can be found here.

Prayers from the Catholic church can be found here.

Prayers from the Church of England can be found here.

A selection of links to prayers and resources can be found here on the Churches Together in England website. 

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