Our popular kit, packed with creativity and including everything you need for fun prayer activities during the eleven days

Welcome to your Kingdom Kit

This family resource is intended to help and guide you in prayer throughThy Kingdom Come. The kit gives you and your family different ways to pray for 5 friends and family members. We hope it also gives your family new ways to pray and grow closer to God together.

How it works!
For every day from Ascension (Day 1) through to Pentecost (Day 11), we have provided a Daily Prayer Prompt and an accompanying Activity on the given theme. As well as lifting your friends and family up to God it is also a fun and engaging way to pray!

Download the Kingdom Kit and full Home pack resource here or buy your own copies at www.cpo.org.uk/thykingdomcome

Here are some samples of what's inside with fresh ways of praying as a family...

  • Bubbles: As you blow the bubbles pray for 5 people you know and love to come to God.
  • Colour: Each person takes a segment of the wheel and as you colour it in, thank Jesus for his love and pray for your 5 friends that they might know his love too.
  • Sweets: As you share the sweets with your family, say a prayer of thanks for all the wonderful things you have, light the tea light candle and pray for your 5 people.
  • Paper: Each write down something you are sorry for on a torn piece of tissue paper, screw it up small and put in inside the balloon. Blow up the balloon with your ‘sorrys’ in it and let it go - they will fly away! Light the candle and pray for your 5 friends and family.
  • Lollipop: Each person write on lollipop sticks and decorate with stickers something they would offer up to God such as a skill or gift – or even favourite toy.
  • Candles: Light the candle and offer the names of the 5 people to pray for up to God.
  • Rocket: Write the name of someone to pray for on a piece of paper and then attach to the top of the straw to make your rocket (as per instructions) and then blow them in the air, praying for each person as you do (maybe without lighting the candle yet today!)
  • Seeds: Add some seeds to some damp tissue paper (from packing) or cotton wool and pray to God that he will help the seeds to grow. Then pray that he will help your 5 friends/family to grow closer to him. Light the candle for prayers and tend to the seeds throughout the week.
  • Hearts: Decorate the paper hearts with the names of people to be prayed for and tell God how much we love Him. Pray that these 5 people may come to love Him also.
    Verses: Give a few different bible verses such as John 3:16, John 10:10 which the family can choose from and write in their keyring, pray that God will help you to understand them and carry the keyring throughout the rest of the day/week to remember to love His word. Pray that your 5 friends/family might learn something of the bible.
  • Lemonade: You will need a glass of lemonade for this prayer. Take it in turns to drop a raisin into the glass. While the raisin ascends to the surface, use the time to pray for one of your 5 friends.
  • Extreme: You’ve had 10 days of prayer – now try some ‘extreme prayer’. Go out somewhere to pray, and take photos or film yourselves to make your own little prayer album/video/instagram story.
  • You can use the Lord’s Prayer and pray for your 5 friends and family as well - you may even want to share what you make with them, so they know you’ve been praying for them.
Kingdom Kit
Kingdom Kit (Welsh)