Q. How do we #Praise God?

A. We Praise God, not to obtain anything, but because God’s Being draws praise from us.

Praise God – in prayer and in worship, in words and in actions, in solitude and with others, in everything you do and say! Praise God – with songs and dance and musical instruments, with shouts and laughter and tears. Praise God – today, tomorrow and forever. In everything, glorify the Lord!

- Br. David Vryhof, SSJE

Pray it – Picture it – Post it | Óralo - Imagínalo - Publícalo | Prier - Imaginer - Publier
祈る - 写真を撮る - 投稿する | 그것을기도하십시오.- 그것을 그린다.-韓国語
Ore por isso - Imagine-isso - Poste sobre isso | Kuomba - Piga picha - tia posta
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