Transcripts: #Help

Transcript: #Help

I wrote this special prayer on holy island, Lindisfarne, preparing for my pilgrimage, of walking around the Diocese of York for six months.

It is a prayer in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Father in Heaven

Mold me to Christ’s likeness

and stir up in me the fire of your love.

Holy Spirit

Fill me with your power

And help me to tell of the love and salvation in Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus Christ

Son of the Father

Renew my friendship in you, and help me to serve you with a quite mind and a burning spirit.

Father, Son, and Holy spirit,

Please keep me in the joy, simplicity, and compassion of your Holy Gospel.


I encountered Jesus Christ at the age of ten and he gave me one of his greatest gifts:  The gift of joy.

That joy has made me the sort of person I am, constantly wanting to tell other people about his love, his forgiveness, and his greatest gift of life.

Why not try the same thing?  Ask him to give you the gift of joy.

You will be so bubbling with his love, that you cant help but tell others about him.

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