Q. What are the 11 Prayers of Thy Kingdom Come?


Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement, that invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.  We invite you to:

How to participate

Go to http://thykingdomcome.global and sign up to receive the daily email.

To respond to the email, on Twitter and Instagram, tag your image/prayer with #Pledge2Pray and the tag for the day. Make sure there is a space between the tags, for example: #Pledge2Pray #ToJesus.  On Facebook, go to the ThyKingdomCome page and post to the Timeline using #Pledge2Pray and the tag of the day, for example #Pledge2Pray #ThyKingdomCome.

Clergy, Educators and Youth Leaders: 

Ask your congregants to sign up and to "Pray It - Picture It - Post It" using images and phrases that resonate with #Pledge2Pray and the tag of the day.  

Download resources and images here:

In Advance: 

If you want to get your images ready in advance, here's a cheat sheet.  Remember to share this with 5 friends you want to come to know Jesus and "Pray It - Picture It - Post It" using images and phrases that resonate with #Pledge2Pray and:


  • 10 #ToJesus

    11 May #Praise

    12 May #Thanks

    13 May #Sorry

    14 May #Offer

    15 May #PrayFor

    16 May #Help

    17 May #Adore

    18 May #Celebrate

    19 May #Silence

    20 May #ThyKingdomCome

Please Remember: 

Any image you tag will become public.  Please respect the privacy of other people and only post images that you have permission to share.  


Pray it – Picture it – Post it | óralo - Imagínalo - Publícalo | Priez-le - Imaginez-le - Publier
祈る - 写真を撮る - 投稿する | 그것을기도하십시오.- 그것을 그린다.-韓国語
Ore por isso - Imagine-isso - Poste sobre isso | Kuomba - Piga picha - tia posta
#Pledge2Pray #ThyKingdomCome