Novena Pocket Prayers are here!

Our beautiful 2017 Pocket Prayers for Novena are now available to download or order.

Our 2017 Pocket Prayers are here.

A novena is a traditional form of prayer said over nine days, with a certain request or intention in mind. It’s an ancient practice that recalls the time between Pentecost and Ascension when Christ’s disciples prayed constantly in the Upper Room..

It’s not too late to get yours in time for Easter – last year many copies were given to congregations to encourage and support them in their devotional lives.

This year’s Pocket Prayers look at nine Biblical stories of people who find themselves in an 'in-between' space.

We find these familiar characters caught between moments of despair and thanksgiving; endings and beginnings, and seeing and knowing.

These stories and their images – created this year by Canterbury artist Caleb Simmons - will be a springboard for prayer throughout Thy Kingdom Come.

* The Pocket Prayers - small booklets for personal and group use – are available to download here or order here .

* Daily videos of artist Caleb Simmons discussing the artwork of the day will be available through the Canterbury Diocese YouTube channel in May

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